The word “worship” (Gr. proskune&w), used by the authors of Holy Scripture, means physical and conscious, admiration for a person of authority.
In the Biblical sense, this word is used in the teaching of worshiping the Most Holy God and our Creator in “spirit and truth.” Therefore, the Bible encourages
us to approach the Throne of Grace with fear, trembling, and great reverence. Worship of God implies the proper state of 1) mind, 2) heart and 3) body:

1. Psalm 47:7 teaches us to whorship our GOD wisely.

2. The Bible rebukes people for empty form of worship, when “the people draw nearto God with their lips, and honor hims with their tongue, but their hearts are far from himand their reverence for Him is the study of the commandments of men” (Is 29:13)

3. Ap. Paul in his letter to Romans encourages Christians  saying: “present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy acceptable to God, for your reasonible service” (Rom 12: 1).

 In light of this teaching we boldly declare that any “worship” that lacks reverence for the Most High God is an exercise alien to the worhsip of God of the Bible and, as such, is unsuitable for us in Christian worship. Playing instruments that do not evoke personal humility, sence of shame, fear and repentance before the Almighty God is not suitable for Christian worship.  Musical performance of “worship songs”, which designed to touch emotions quite opposite to the contrate spirit of sinful heart before Holy God, is not aceptable in Christian worship.  For this reason, we reject the use of drums, bambourines and all sorts of electric whistles of “modern insruments,” as well as repetative chanting of “Christian” mantras or cliches and the like, empty verbosity and inappropriate expclamation during worthip, because all this is a manifestation of the spirit of the time, and temoral outburst of emotions, that is indicative spiritual state of the modern society – people withot shame, fear of God’s judgment and the need of purification.  Should not Christians follow the example of the worship in to the holy society in heaven, rathern that modern obscurantism stirred by hell?  


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